Liam Kruger


Review: Storm Over the Transvaal by TV Bulpin

Liam Kruger Books and writers 2015-11-16

T.V. Bulpin (1918–1999) was a writer about African big game hunters, South African travel and history.

The Franschhoek Literary Festival 2015 and the elephant in the room

Liam Kruger English 2015-05-22

"And for all that the Franschhoek Literary Festival is irredeemably disengaged from the lived reality of much of South Africa ..."

Review: The Space Between the Space Between by John Hunt

Liam Kruger 2015-03-24 "On the one hand this emphasis of presence counts for the novel’s not unremarkable sense of immediacy; I read the thing in two sittings, and not unhappily."