Kris van der Bijl

Kris Van der Bijl is currently working towards his honours degree in English literature at Rhodes University. His writings have been published in the likes of JA and Odd Magazine. His interests lie in African literature in English. He hopes to one day be called up-and-coming. 

Gripscapes: Newly selected poems by Norman Morrissey – a book review

Kris van der Bijl Books and writers 2021-08-19

"Much like a knight errant, the poet is in search of poetry. His life is a quest of refining the technique."

An illuminated darkness by Jacques Coetzee: a review

Kris van der Bijl Books and writers 2021-05-12

"But beyond the good that this means for visually impaired readers and the South African publishing industry, the collection’s poems are worth their own engagement. To me, the poems’ most interesting elements come from their portrayal of various humans’ attempts to relate to one another earnestly."

Finding my way: Reflections on South African literature by Duncan Brown – a book review

Kris van der Bijl Books and writers 2020-10-14

"Brown’s text reminds one of the special and continuous role that literature plays when one seeks to relate to the world one exists in. The book highlights how literature is that which is continuously imagining, connecting, exposing, blurring and knowing."

Review: Steeped in heritage: The racial politics of South African rooibos tea by Sarah Ives

Kris van der Bijl Books and writers 2020-06-15

"Racial inequalities are afforded fresh insight, and with the current resurgence of movements like #BlackLivesMatter, books such as Ives’s seem to call louder each day. What better way to delve into South Africa’s socio-political underbelly than with a cup of tea?"