Klara Ana Rosa (Wojtkowska)

Klara Ana Rosa (Wojtkowska) is a musician, director, writer, storyteller, actor, teacher and traditional ceremonialist.

Her work revolves around ceremony-ritual theatre which blends music, traditional wisdom and old mythologies in order to create new and living stories and ceremonies.

She is the founder and director of Mhondoro Dreams Ceremony Productions and School, which directed and produced the Polish-Zimbabwean movie Nzara – Hunger in 2020. It was screened at Poland's prestigious Festiwal Filmów Fabularnych in Gdynia in 2021.

She is the author of Wild medicine: a journey to Zimbabwe, ceremony theatre: mystical texts for the human and non-human worlds, Będziemy się za was Modlić: z Polski do Zimbabwe ścieżkami Przodków, and the music album Bangiza 1+2.

Currently she is a US Fulbright scholar in Zimbabwe at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare, developing ceremony theatre, researching star mythologies, and organising the Nyamatsatse Festival for Healing and the Arts, focusing on building cultural-artistic bridges.

More can be found at: www.mhondoro-dreams.comwww.facebook.com/mhondorodreams, and at Klara Ana Rosa on Facebook and YouTube.

As a musician she has performed in Classical, Jazz, Pop, Afro-Jazz, and Ceremony genres.

She holds a B.M. in Violin Performance and a B.A. in Literature from Rice University, and an M.A. in African History and Literature from Yale University, and completed the ARSHARTER Theatre School in Kraków, Poland, in Playwriting and Directing.

She travelled the world on a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, researching performance and immigration.

Regarding spiritual auto mechanics and healing: in conversation with Klara Ana Rosa

Izak de Vries, Klara Ana Rosa (Wojtkowska) Interviews 2022-06-15

Nzara: Hunger is a mythological, musical epic poem telling the story of the Rozvi Empire from Great Zimbabwe attempting to steal the moon out of the sky. The movie is based on a ceremony-theatre play by the same name. It is cyclical in nature and portrays a world devoured by terror. It invites us, once again, to believe in love.

Of Slavic Souls, continued

Klara Ana Rosa (Wojtkowska) Opinion 2022-03-06

"Am I waxing poetic about Russian culture? No, I don’t think so. I am not saying that Putin is good, or doing good things. But I have seen and experienced and read and been born into a life that sees, very well, that to heal the cycles of violence we are used to, we need to think differently to how we have been feeling thus far."

The art of prayer (in Zimbabwe)

Klara Ana Rosa (Wojtkowska) Opinion 2019-01-22

"The day after #ShutDownZimbabwe, the weight of the Big Fear still heavy and tangible on our tongues, and the twisted compass of the Big Confusion whirling bigger and bigger storms in brains and bodies and hearts alike – on this day, at a time that still saw the sun climbing towards his throne at the top of the sky, in the immigration office in Harare, the genial officer at the front desk smiled and laughed with two women waiting for assistance."