Jackie Nagtegaal

Jackie Nagtegaal

As a futurist and lawyer, Adv. Jackie Nagtegaal has a deep understanding of the landscape and current trends and future developments. Without getting caught up in hype, she unpacks as a whole and connects possibilities in the field of law. Adv. Nagtegaal is recognised as one of the most influential women in LegalTech around the globe by ILTA. She also heads up an award-winning legal service provider, LAW FOR ALL, that fights for justice in South Africa, and is the founder of the Futures Law Faculty, where she teaches futures concepts to lawyers to prepare them of the exciting new world of practice.

Justice in the time of COVID-19: an interview on the outcome of LAW FOR ALL’s writing competition

Naomi Meyer, Jackie Nagtegaal Opinion 2020-07-22

"I am deeply worried about the current status quo, and how we will answer in the face of COVID. The justice inequality stands to be aggravated by the aftershock of the epidemic."

Elders gesien: In memoriam – Jeanne Goosen

Jackie Nagtegaal Elders gesien 2020-06-03

"Tussen haar en my ma kon mens die wêreld verstaan. Sonder mense soos hulle is als stukkend. So vanoggend maak ek my oë toe en hoor haar vingers oor die klavier ... haar blou oë."

LAW FOR ALL writing competition – an interview with Jackie Nagtegaal

Naomi Meyer, Jackie Nagtegaal English 2020-05-06

"A happy story presents an ideal. A happy story becomes a beacon that beckons us forward – it asks us to make it real."