Ian Glenn

Ian Glenn is professor of Media Studies at the University of Cape Town. He has written extensively on the French explorer Francois Le Vaillant and is the curator of the King's Map exhibition currently at the Iziko South African Museum. His current research is on Liberal Afropessimism and on wildlife documentaries.

"Standing up for injustices"? – Nine notes on #FeesMustFall

Ian Glenn Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-09-28

"The South African movements of 2015–2016 show some of the dangers and difficulties of negotiating in the new media world and of moving from representative student government to a post-truth social media environment where there are no formal gatekeepers."

Coovadia, Coetzee and the literary field of post-apartheid South Africa

Ian Glenn 2013-01-04 "Coetzee’s departure then becomes a symbolic leaving open of a place for new writers and scholars to tackle the burning issues of the new era, issues on which he claims no authority and perhaps for which he takes no responsibility, for which he feels no affinity."