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Fault lines by Joanne Macgregor: book review

Eva Hunter Resensies 2018-08-14

"Macgregor seeds a fair amount of technological information throughout the novel. This locates the plot in substantial fact – the controversy around Karoo fracking has led to much publicity in the South African media – while Macgregor also presents these details in digestible pieces, mostly through Sam’s voice."

Book review: The Fetch by Finuala Dowling

Eva Hunter Books and writers 2015-10-21

"There is much to charm and delight — not least some very funny dialogue — in this story about a motley ('mixed') group of South Africans living their 'ordinary' lives and learning to express love for each other in practical ways."

Book review: Everyday Matters: Selected Letters of Dora Taylor, Bessie Head and Lilian Ngoyi

Eva Hunter Books and writers 2015-06-03

"This book is the work of a critic and scholar of commitment and mature wisdom."

Book review: The World’s Great Question: Olive Schreiner’s South African Letters 1889–1920

Eva Hunter 2015-01-05 "Thank Mr Ghandi [sic] for the invitation to the meeting but you know I hate war. It is against my religion – whether it is Englishmen travelling thousands of miles to go & kill Indians in India or Indians travelling thousands of miles to kill white men whom they have never seen in Europe."

Review: Tokoloshe Song by Andrew Salomon

Eva Hunter 2014-10-10 Tokoloshe Song, Salomon’s first published novel, is a fantasy laced with horror and humour.

Invisible Others by Karina Szczurek

Eva Hunter 2014-08-20 "In the time that Cara ekes out to Konrad she reveals little about herself and her 'invisible others', Lucas and Dagmar, who have marked her."