Ettienne Smook

"Directive" by Ettiene Smook

Ettienne Smook 2012-12-14 Many believe that the mind is but a playground
Recklessly scurrying about its aisles
Toying with totem poles and symbols of the heart
Aware of the labyrinth, but not of the scars

"Nasaat" deur Etienne Smook

Ettienne Smook 2012-12-14 Jy steier teen die trappe op in donkerte gehul
Jou donker lokke hang soos ? galg in weerwil
van die ligte atmosfeer

"Gate" by Etienne Smook

Ettienne Smook 2012-12-13 I want to know if you believe
that lesser silver diamonds will relieve you
from surreal and empties told
Build forth on deserts with liberty dissolved

"Cookie-cutter" by Ettienne Smook

Ettienne Smook 2012-12-06 We need to dream and hope and hold fast to an enigmatic shape
Be it love, a girl or breakfast, or emotions on a plate
Doesn’t matter how we phrase it, we need to give something away

"Circus Buddah" by Ettienne Smook

Ettienne Smook 2012-12-06 Hallelujah, Buddha wears a pink bow in his hair
The circus master demands a bit of flair
The crowd is going crazy, he sells his soul