Chantelle Gray

Chantelle Gray van Heerden is a doctoral student at the University of Stellenbosch. She completed her MA Degree in Cognitive Linguistics at UNISA where she lectured for five years. Her current research interests centre on the politics of translation and questions regarding the ontological and emergent ethical considerations of each translation instantiation.

It might get loud by Ingrid Winterbach (translated by Michiel Heyns): the uncut review

Chantelle Gray Resensies 2015-07-07

"Michiel Heyns beautifully retains the individual idiolects of characters in the translation, as well as giving careful consideration to Winterbach’s idiosyncratic language use, including Engfrikaans. In this way, It might get loud reveals itself as having the 'capacity to provoke new and singular responses' (Attridge 2004:75) that are accented."

Review: In a burning sea by Marlise Joubert

Chantelle Gray 2014-12-10 "And whatever translation does not achieve ... it does allow for a reimagining of Afrikaans poetry and successfully presents an indication of the scope of the creativity and leitmotifs in contemporary Afrikaans poetry."