Catherine Knox

Catherine Knox

Catherine Knox is locked down in Bedford, growing, photographing and drawing vegetables. Once a week, she passes a 15-litre bucket of veg soup over the gate for the children’s feeding scheme. In addition to working for Fair Lady on and off for 15 years, she has been involved in book publishing as a reader, editor, translator and writer. As a team member of the Schreiner Karoo Writers Festival in Cradock, she took the photographs for, designed and published Olive Schreiner and the poetics of plants by Dorothy Driver (2019) for Amazwi South African Museum of Literature (the festival’s main sponsor). Her undergraduate majors were English and fine art. She studied Shakespeare for a master’s degree in English literature (Rhodes). She likes online publishing because the pictures look so good.

Magazines in the new normal: Ctrl+X or fast forward?

Catherine Knox Opinion 2020-05-14

"Paper and ink are not going away just yet." As mass extinction threatens South Africa’s traditional magazines (fifteen titles closed down earlier this month), Catherine Knox recalls a time when the industry was on a roll.

Photo gallery of an exhibition celebrating JM Coetzee’s 80th birthday

Catherine Knox Books and writers 2020-02-20

The first major exhibition of papers and artefacts from the JM Coetzee archives opened on the evening of 9 February to honour Coetzee on the occasion of his 80th birthday. Here is a photo gallery of the event.