"Also known as" by Michael Thompson

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Preferred Band/Artist: AKA

Regardless of what they may say
Let's discard hits for AKA
And pour enough love into it till we're heartless like the hate they spray
Why you don't see me in public lately sipping on champagne bubbly maybe
But that's something you wouldn't see like an ugly baby being born to a lovely lady
Pay for my attention? Bill Gates couldn't afford this
I won't stop like Bad Boy till I see Kiernan on the Forbes list
And this time my fortune is handsome and gorgeous
So enchanting and entrancing I got you dancing towards this
Check the physique of my figure of speech
Even the government states that my constitution is presidential
This songs a fusion of best potential
Phil Knight ticks that like Nike when I just do it,
’Cause everything I say, convey, display, express and discuss is fluent
Titanic tried to ride my flow
And ended up drowning
Now your girlfriend is stuck frowning
’Cause she told you to quit rap and recommended clowning
My food for thought so tasty it makes Simba roar with flavor
Like four little boys singing love songs I'm too mindless to excuse your behavior
Get the load off your shoulders and feel lighter than Mshoza in front of a mirror bleaching her skin
’Cause stress is bad like a back sliding priest preaching and teaching us sin
To skyscrapers from the concrete
I bang harder than this songs beat
And make more sense than black girls who hide their black hair with blonde weaves
Like flowers I blossom and bloom so make like trees and leave
Please believe , that mic 1-2 I get more cheques than emcees receive
Try’na make more green than envy
Haters who know that I'm the beginning and end of this success story and everything else in between Resent me
You're down and out and on the come up like Nicholas Cage's acting career
I'm running laps around your raps you're limping the track back in the rear
Believe the hype, feel my vibe and respect the source
And select a course
With more life than a false prophet try’na resurrect a corpse
I swerve harder than a drunk taxi driver
If you're bomb I diffuse you : ask MacGuyver
I'm a grown man I don't need permission
To make dummies crash like a high speed collision
I'm your worst nightmare ’cause my dreams exceed your vision
Abracadabra Poof!! : you cease to exist your molecular being is reduced & released in a mist
Ladies gents
My teachers would agree that I got more class than a Mercedes Benz
My school of thought is ruled by my principles
I'm hot enough to make the sun spin and sweat
I can get colder than winter get
I got more connections than the internet
To leave you more broke than Pitch Black Afro going into debt
My rich sugar coated words are sweeter than a fountain of honey
Making a mountain of money
Laughing all the way to the bank counting it funny
I make the country feel elation and exhilaration
Until the nation is fueled up like a filling station
That’s why I get envy as green as grass ’cause my arrogance seems extreme and crass
Jealousy is what its then seen it as'

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