"All ash in the end" by Edmund Meyer

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All ash in the end

Turn the ash into material things
the road into gravel, the sin into innocence
The war into peace
and all this death into life

Weep for the innocence destroyed tomorrow
the lives lost for the broken morals
The life on this planet for who have sinned
The poor on the street with their forced on smiles

Seeking answers where there is none but pain
Reign over us all
the need to gain
To play this money game
of fame and lies
All to tame the greed of the oiled heart

The metal you ride
The silk you feel
The clothes you wear
The art you collect
All ash in the end

All falls in the end
the point of no return
The black hole of greed
The sound we never seek
to remind us we’re never truly freed


Tell yourself the lie
it will never end
even though the truth is set
Even though the lie you've never met

It will come to haunt
your remains are bound to checks
The money burnt in your grave
a slave to your own life


The silence never broken
always interrupted by the sound of your daily life
All at once the lights fade
but your face unaware of your fate
You smile into the abyss of no return


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