"Who am I?" by Winnie Malobe

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Preferred Band/Artist: AKA

Who am I is the question I keep asking myself these days
lost in the world where nothing makes sense anymore
Every day and night I search for an answer to this question but I still got nothing
I am no longer who I used to be or what I thought I was
I am now bigger and better

I am on the road to discovering the true me
the inner me that makes me a better person
I used to think I am not worth it but now I see I was made for this

Who am I, who was I that's the question am asking myself
When people see me they'd be asking who am I, what am I

Now here’s an answer to everyone I am the best there ever was
King of my own world I came to conquer, I was here I am still here and I will always be here
When I am gone my legacy will be here
I am here to touch people's lives, reach out to every person that's willing to listen

Nothing can bring me down now I am on a roll
I am what I am and there is no changing that
I am on top of the world now, took me a while to get here there is no going back for me
The only way is up

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