"The Fame" by Aryton Waterboer

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I used to be number one in high school
Every guy wanted to be me 'cause I was cool
But the cracks started to show
Fame and fortune persuaded me to leave school
The number one kid last in the row
Does it mean I'm a fool?

This is not what I wanted
It took me for granted
But who do I blame?
If I were looking for the fame
Fame don't mean anything
Although you've got money and bling
Just remember to be tame
'Cause that's the thing about the fame

Hooligans and a Loony Tune
Get ready for me 'cause I'll be back on top real soon
Babe don't hesitate
I'm ready to your playmate
A gang member I tried to be
Like hell, what's wrong with me?
I'm not a loser, I'm a winner!
Girl, forgive me if I'm a sinner


No matter who I turn out to be
On top or the bottom row
You'll be able to se
That my love for you always glow


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