"My back up" by Lucky Mpho Shokane

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Day one was the pinnacle of the journey the we on
Never going wrong, always lasting long
We ride together, die together
Your mom knows my mom, so we dine together
To the grave together, nothing last forever
Never say never...no not ever
No killing ’cause I know that I got my brothers
If dirt hit the fan I can my brothers
We loyal, we share life
They can have everything except the wife
No joke man
Started from the bottom now we here, now we here
Middle finger in the air, we really don't care
I got everything when my brothers is here
I stand like a god, no man I'll fear
No sir, you sure
Big cat big pur
My clique we sick
We seek perfection
Stand and give the honor due
Father forgive him, abandon pew
So when hell breaks loose what you gon’ do
We stand and fight me and crew

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