"Maybe" by Lucky Mpho Shokane

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Maybe it could’a been little bit crazy
Maybe we could all act lazy
Not sure but you're not my baby
Not sure about you, you my maybe
Pressie living large, everyone that I know starts hating
Tax coughers pay for his crib
Plain heads in your pocket, Mandela notes got you kissing tata
First time that old man matters
Where you go, he goes makes it rain, old man still pays for your ice
Throw away all the animals, rid yourself of the rhino poaching
Elephant and lion coaching
While the leopard chasing buffaloes we just want that doe
I hail from Limpopo I'm assumedly cursed
Unexpected death, I come with a hearse, I'll kill my verse
Money causes scars, Tiger Woods on par he a shooting star
Killed by the fame, movie roles, directors shooting stars
Maybe this world is different
Maybe we just don't care
Just live for ourself in our little bit of hell
Maybe truths you can tell

All the moments are omens more like tokens we throw in the game of life
Forget the strife
We wanna be more successful than our ancestor were and our parents are
Playing the game right, cross the tee hope you're up to par
Make your dad proud, say it loud, mean it now
Have a King Kong moment pound your chest, symbolism of best yet to come
What is done is done, forget the past apartheid gone
In our victory of something we lost everything
Having a Gatsby moment, how I miss my Cape Sandwich
Where I can sit on Lion’s hHead and dine on a big table
If the devil peak I could bribe with the big five
The point that I'm making's that sureties are honesty
Humility and modesty
Maybe you'll believe maybe you will walk away
Truth is you can see me and the game is not to play

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