"Letting Go" by Khulekani Masuku

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If you saw me walk
Would you ever follow me
If you heard me talk would you ever listen to me
If you see me lost
Would you show the way
If I asked for love
Would you open your hands and hug me
I’m just asking
Truth be told please answer me

Verse 1:
I have lost respect from everyone
I feel so empty like an open graveyard
How would you feel people laughing at you, with every pass I make fingers pointing at me
I even lost my friends, they now make me feel I don’t belong to my hood
They even tell me they will feel good when I’m gone
What they don’t know is I didn’t choose to be this
Gone are the days when hate was love
Lost are the times when love was free
They say it’s a long walk to freedom, guess I’m feeling tired
God accept my soul because I have gave up
I’m now living for my sister because she is the only person I love and have
My parents drift with the dust
They left me when i was small don’t know whether to blame God or them for what I am but all i know is I’m trying to be a fighter in this overpowering life

Verse 2:
I’m up on my knees, no strength to be stand tall and face the world
This disease has lunched on my will to live, I’m letting go
They say this world we came to visit
Sorry sister i have to cut mine short
Sit me upright I have lot to say
We never chose this way
Our parents left us to continue on our own
I’m feeling sad because I will leave you on your own
I can’t continue, leave me here and continue
I will meet you on the other side
I will be your angel, beg for your protection I will guide you
Left alone because we were HIV positive
I tried to live positive, they laugh at us to feel negative
Be strong for me, I will always love you forever
Hold my hand as I live this earth
What’s ours is in heaven
Love you sister

Nearer my God to thee
Nearer to thee
Leaving this painful earth
I’m coming to be free
At your hands God I will be an angel
Forgive those who laughed i was HIV positive,
Give them life and make them positive about life
I pray to thee
Guide my sister from the wolves for they hunt for your shepherds

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