"Just perfect" by Aryton Waterboer

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Preferred Band/Artist: BlackByrd

A poke in your face
Am I just another love race?
Faithful I'm trying to be
That your love is enough for me

Like a diamond with no shine
I ain't yours, it's not a crime
I love you, it's an oh my
Not gonna ask questions like why
So why?
Don't we try
If you love me
We won't say good bye

Your love is just perfect
Your love is just worth it
It's worth fighting for
You love me for more
So baby, it's just a fact
That your love ain't less
It's worth fighting for
It's worth dying for
Your love is worth it
Your love is just perfect

People say that I'm drama
Telling them I ain't working with no karma
I'm just a little girl
Trying to find her pearl

Like a cloud with no silver line
You ain't meant to be mine
So I stopped to whine
'Cause I'm not a loser, I'm divine!
Invite me for dinner
At least try
Baby, let's not say goodbye


Perfect you are
Perfect you are
Your love is perfect, perfect baby!



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