"Hollywood Queen" by Aryton Waterboer

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Preferred Band/Artist: BlackByrd

Glamour I'll live for
Glamour I'll die
It's not a lie
I'm telling you, I won't deny
I'm a fancy dress cocktail lover
And Judo press
Tonight I'm dreaming big
'Cause my mind's just crazy sick
Turn it up today
'Cause baby I'm walking on Broadway

I'm a Hollywood queen
All hail for me the real scene
Don't mean anything mean
Just put your hands up
And baby don't stop
Oh, now that you've seen
Let the real queen reign supreme
All hail for me
I'm a Hollywood Queen

A crown of gold and silver I'll like
It's mine tonight
I'm a real dream ready to be seen
In a disco light I'm ready to shine bright
Don't tell me I can't
So, no need today
'Cause I'm ready to be Broadway


My throne is my precious home
You are my luxury cone
I am the supreme
I'm a Hollywood queen
I'm a Hollywood queen
I'm a Hollywood queen
I'm a Hollywood queen


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