"Frozen" by Lucky Mpho Shokane

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A picture, a glance, a stare, never ending scrutinising
Draws a man to a point of realising
This one on one, this five cents worth socialising
Is a heart, soul, mind, collision
What is worth it and what is not
Which love is cold, luke-warm or hot
Is this same air that I'm breathing bought at the same price as that of Christ on the cross
Do I get the picture or do I have things kriss-crossed
Do I live for love or does she live for me
And if this air I breathe is love then I'll never be sin free
It consumes me from the inside out I try to break free
And the more that I try is the more it holds me
I know I'll leave a legacy and one who succeeds me
But am I living in the legacy of he who precedes me
This unknown in me scares me

And when I find that x which marks the spot
The secrets of my heart will be revealed
It will be clear
My loved ones be here
So I'll act sincere
Till we all clear the air
Dear diary

I gave up my fight a million years ago
When I heard that dinosaurs and apes were ancestors
Now I'm asking myself, where did I get the flow
It's inherited from the hip hop masters
Afrika Bambaata, a tribe called Quest
My life no matter we just stay blessed
So I need to plant my seed in order to succeed
Leave a legacy that all man can see
That it's not about the money and sugar quoting songs
It's hip hops heart and future prolong
So how does it differ now and back then
Who is better, us or them
Should I start a chorus or forever sing a hymn

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