"Content" by Zoe Hodgson

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How could I say no to you
Intoxicated by the smell of your cheap cigarettes
And your beautiful, convenient truth
Leaving me with a scar that's impossible to forget

How can I run from what you do
When your hurt is all I want to breathe
Maybe all I want is you
But I'd give you back just to be free

You represent all of my shame
But I just want you to myself
Do most anything to feel you again
When we floated away from everyone else

Believe in me baby ’cause I sure never doubted you
Maybe now you're my angel and one of these days I'll fall back to you

How can I ever have loved you
When our past is all I want to believe in
But how could I ever hate you too
I won’t let you get away because of reason

So go now, pour yourself another drink
Smile at me, like I'm your only one
You could tell me your lies, I'll try not to think
You are my only one

How could I say no to you?
I just can’t say no to you

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