"Arson Salvation" by Ulrich Meiring

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We walk forth as foolish thoughts linger in the minds of the wise
As generations are led toward their preordained demise
Yet tradition would still justify those embers in the dark
What was true then, is false now and all that should be, is not …

Lives are saved as wars are waged, is peace eternal rest?
The embers blaze, forming fire from flame as we fail the final test
Beautiful things a faceless world has planted in our hearts
Hopes of brighter futures where past and present part
But can this future manifest, while love and hate collide?
Why is it that this system embalms our will to fight?

Pretentious tongues and arms kill by night and praise by day
Oh, what a peaceful world it would be if all colours turned to gray
Prejudice is commonplace when notions are veiled as night
While such a raging impulse lurks beyond the line of sight

Yet some traditions I still cherish, I hold them ever so dear to me
Age-old sins now fade and vanish as we, the kindred, are set free
May we learn to live as we forge our blades to cut each other down
They say may every life we take be a tribute to ourselves
But why should history repeat itself?
And why should the tables turn?
We should live and strive for freedom and not help the fires burn …

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