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The Sanlam Sing 'it lyric writing competition is now closed. Read more about 2013's winner.


Fynbos Fairies launches at the CTBF and you're invited. See what Antjie Krog has to say about this delightful book of children's verse

Antjie Krog, Sharon Jenkings 2007-06-13 Antjie Krog has once again brought us a delightful new children’s book, a book readers of all ages are bound to fall in love with. Have you ever wondered about the secrets of Fynbos? Well Antjie Krog uses verse along with Fiona Moodie’s ...

Creating My beautiful death: We speak to Riana Barnard, Eben Venter, Luke Stubbs and Lynda Gilfillan

Sharon Jenkings, Riana Barnard, Lynda Gilfillan, Eben Venter 2007-04-18 When did Tafelberg decide to bring out an English translation of Eben Venter’s Ek stamel ek sterwe?

ABSA Ketting: Johann Lodewyk Marais gesels met Alexander Strachan

Johann Lodewyk Marais, Johann Lodewyk Marais, Alexander Strachan 2006-09-09 1.Jy bly nou die afgelope twee jaar permanent in Milnerstraat op Harrismith. Hoe het dit gekom dat jy jou daar gaan vestig het? Ek en my broer Johannes het dit drie jaar gelede reggekry om my oupa se familieplaas terug te koop. Op daardie ...

ABSA Chain: Kole Omotoso in conversation with Abraham H de Vries

Abraham H de Vries, Abraham H de Vries, Kole Omotoso 2006-07-30 Kole Omotose poses some questions to Abraham H de Vries

ABSA Chain: Abraham H de Vries in conversation with Mike Nicol

Abraham H de Vries 2006-07-30 Abraham H de Vries slightly changed the context of the questions put to him by Kole Omotosho, and asked the same questions to Mike Nicol.

ABSA Chain: Mike Nicol in conversation with Deon Meyer

Deon Meyer 2006-07-30 The genres - crime, thrillers, historical romance, etc - haven't attracted many proponents over recent decades in SA (probably for obvious reasons, at least as far as cop stories were concerned), but it could be that we are maturing and ...

ABSA Chain: Athol Fugard in conversation with André P Brink

Athol Fugard, Athol Fugard, André P Brink 2006-07-28 Dear André Rather silly for two old veterans like us to be relating to each other from the ends of a silly little “chain”, but here goes. As someone who has admired you over the years both as a man and an artist I would like to ...