Zaheer Flanders

"Black Bird" by Zaheer Flanders

Zaheer Flanders 2013-09-12

"Better Days" by Zaheer Flanders

Zaheer Flanders 2013-09-09 Verse 1: Lately, I've stopped feeling I've stopped thinking And one day To get away from you I'm gonna take that leap And fall into someone new Chorus: It was coming on Far too long And I was moving Further away As the nights shortened And made way for better days Verse 2: I'll face […]

"Reach for the Sun" by Zaheer Flanders

Zaheer Flanders 2013-08-29 Holding back my fears Taking back my years Then I find a place Where the light went to waste Chorus: Sometimes we live for fun But that fades in the sun When times are hard The Soul turns soft The heart goes calm But Life goes on While we're reaching for the sun Life's too […]