Vicki Trowler

Having laboured for the greater part of two decades at The Knowledge Factory on the Hill, Vicki finally cut the anchor rope and drifted off into the stratosphere of possibility. After luxuriating in the therapeutic benefits of PhD cultivation she now freelances as a researcher, traversing diaspora space between Zilleville and Brexitsnnis.

As by fire – the end of the South African university by Jonathan Jansen: book review

Vicki Trowler Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2018-01-09

"Many news reports, blogs and scholarly articles have been written about 'the hashtag movements', but As by fire is the first comprehensive, systematic attempt at analysing the reflections on the movements from the perspectives of the leaders of those universities most closely involved."

Apartheid: Britain’s bastard child by Hélène Opperman Lewis: book review

Vicki Trowler Books and writers 2017-08-10

"I came to this book interested in inter-/transgenerational trauma, as a South African, and read it as a case study of the Afrikaner as a particular case of such trauma. I left unconvinced, which is a pity."