Tessa Dowling

Tessa Dowling is Senior Lecturer of African Languages in the School of Languages and Literatures at the University of Cape Town. She is also a director of African Voices, South Africa’s only company entirely dedicated to the development of multimedia materials for the learning of South Africa’s African languages.


isiXhosa: an interview with Tessa Dowling

Naomi Meyer, Tessa Dowling Interviews 2023-02-28

During International Mother Tongue Language Month, Tessa Dowling talks about her love and teachings of the Xhosa language. "I was captivated by the superb sound of Xhosa and the absolute grammatical sense that it made to me! Its power to connect me to people."

Abafundi abathetha iAfrikaans bangaziva njani ukuba bona bangafundiswa mhlawumbi ngesiXhosa? | How would Afrikaans-speaking students feel if they were taught in the medium of Xhosa?

Tessa Dowling, Precious Bikitsha Seminare en essays 2015-09-22

"Mhlawumbi uyazibuza ukuba singayenza njani na le nto yokuphuhlisa iilwimi zesiNtu ukuze zibe kumgangatho ofanayo neAfrikaans?" | "Perhaps you are asking yourselves what we could do to improve African languages so that they reach the same level as Afrikaans?"

Tessa Dowling on the Funza Lushaka bursaries

Tessa Dowling Opinion 2015-05-26

"So Chumani Maxwele is correct: we South Africans who are not  first-language speakers of African languages need to lose our arrogance, our  feelings of superiority and our fear of making fools of ourselves, and learn  what it is like to flounder in a language that is not our own, but still make  sense."

LALA = Learn an African Language App

Tessa Dowling, Naomi Meyer 2014-02-18 Naomi Meyer asked Tessa Dowling: "Kutheni nizenzile ezi apps na?"

Some thoughts on Jonathan Jansen's call for English

Tessa Dowling 2013-10-07 Tessa Dowling, Adjunct Professor of African Languages in the School of Languages and Literatures at the University of Cape Town, responds to Jonathan Jansen's Percy Maneshik Memorial lecture.