Sundeeka Mungroo

Sundeeka is a young, new writer with a passion for words. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and English from the University of South Africa in 2017, and has been chasing her dream of being a writer ever since. She lives in the beautiful seaside town of Strand in the Western Cape, and loves to bake and feed people!

First Impressions

Sundeeka Mungroo New writing 2019-01-30

"He never did text me. Charlie, I mean. We went on as if the kiss had never happened."

Full circle

Sundeeka Mungroo New writing 2018-11-06

"Her water had broken ten minutes before, but she knew there was still a lot more anguish to go through before it could get here. It. The baby."

That Saturday

Sundeeka Mungroo New writing 2016-09-13

"I was only eight when we moved into this apartment. That was five years ago. I remember being excited at the thought of living in a new place."