Stephen Symons

Stephen Symons is a lecturer, graphic designer and poet. His poetry and writing have been published in journals, magazines and various anthologies, including New Coin, Umlanga, New Contrast, Aerodrome and Prufock. His unpublished collection, Spioenkop, was listed as a semi-finalist for the Hudson Prize for Poetry (US). He holds a master’s degree in creative writing from the University of Cape Town and is currently working on a PhD in African Studies that focuses of the experiences of ex-South African Defence Force conscripts. He lives in Cape Town, South Africa with his wife and two children.

Second-hand bookstore, Cape Town

Stephen Symons New writing 2015-11-17

"He wonders – how whole worlds can be buckled into suitcases or taped into wine cartons."


Stephen Symons New writing 2015-11-06

"I’ve abandoned this poem/ to watch a kite weighted/ by a flower pot/ inhale and exhale"


Stephen Symons New writing 2015-11-06

"the morning bulges/ with sparked green light"

The tale of the merboy and the mother

Stephen Symons New writing 2015-10-30

"The merboy seemed heavier, his breathing was slow, steady,/ his wide eyes fixed skywards – snagged by a full moon."


Stephen Symons New writing 2015-10-30

"existence stifles, drawing thick breath/ heaven has stripped to its underwear"