Samantha Roman

Samantha Roman

Samantha Roman is an energetic and analytic master’s graduate in general linguistics, and also holds a bachelor’s degree in humanities from Stellenbosch University. She is an active writer and well versed in matters of language. Her passion, which lies in social transformation and development, has seen her working as a volunteer at an NPO which mainly supports children, the elderly and animal shelters in rural areas of Cape Town, and also representing the youth of South Africa in various continental and international forums.

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Vannie Kaap memes: an interview with Samantha Roman

Cliffordene Norton, Samantha Roman Onderhoude 2019-08-23

Vannie Kaap memes are super popular on social media. Cliffordene Norton interviews Samantha Roman about her thesis, entitled: "What Kaaps brings to the table: A sociolinguistic analysis of the intersection between language, food and identity in Vannie Kaap memes".