Russell H Kaschula

Russell H Kaschula is Professor of African Language Studies at Rhodes University and he is Head of the School of Languages. He writes both creative and academic works. His latest short story “Valley of Voices” appeared in Jambula Tree. This collection contains stories from the Caine African Writers Prize for 2008.

Opgedateer/Updated: 2009-12-02
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Multilingual schools, multilingual universities: an interview with Russell Kaschula and Michael Kretzer

Naomi Meyer, Russell H Kaschula, Michael Kretzer English 2019-09-12

"[T]he involvement and inclusion of many African languages through code-switching, or translanguaging, helps the pupils to learn from each other, and be aware of different cultures and languages, and understand why certain pupils think and learn in certain ways."

A response to Jonathan Jansen’s Percy Baneshik Memorial Lecture to The English Academy of South Africa

Russell H Kaschula 2013-10-08 "One cannot, therefore, have a sustained democracy operating in a language in which most people are functionally illiterate. President Zuma is probably the only post-democratic president to have realised that (and to some extent former President Mandela), often speaking in isiNguni (collectively understood by approximately 45% of the population)."