Niq Mhlongo

Niq Mhlongo is the author of Dog Eat Dog, After Tears and Way Back Home

Nothing left to loot in Soweto

Niq Mhlongo Opinion 2021-07-16

"The debris I see outside at the looted Thokoza Park Shell garage and the nearby Supa Store lies on the ground like an unbearable weight on the township. This is not the Soweto that I know."

On the unlawful banning of Inxeba (The wound) by the Films and Publications Board (FPB)

Niq Mhlongo Opinion 2018-02-27

"It’s apparent that the appeal board has missed out on the other important aspects of the film, which include same-sex relationships, safe sex, love, the challenges of patriarchal societies, finding the balance between modernity and tradition, negotiating the rural and urban landscapes, as well as the beauty that is embedded within the isiXhosa culture and the traditional rite of passage into manhood."

Niq Mhlongo on the writer as an agent of change

Niq Mhlongo Books and writers 2015-11-23

"Let me declare that the reading culture among the black South African youth is changing very fast."