Moegammad Tahier Kara

Moegammad Kara was born and is still living in  Stellenbosch.

He is doing a master’s degree in the sociology of religious education under the supervision of Aslam Fataar.

He is also a political strategist and development planner that works with governments and other political and social institutions to develop policy and formulate strategic plans.

In memoriam: Donavan Wanza

Moegammad Tahier Kara In memoriam 2023-12-20

"As we remember Donavan, we should also not forget Moeder for her struggles and the love she showed to her courageous son, who selflessly gave his life for justice and freedom."

In memoriam: Ronald Carolissen

Moegammad Tahier Kara In memoriam 2023-09-07

"Meet Ronald Carolissen, born and raised in Stellenbosch. He dedicated his life to fighting against the oppressive apartheid regime, and he paid the ultimate price when he was shot in cold blood by the apartheid regime."

Memories and reflections of Egypt

Moegammad Tahier Kara Reis 2023-03-09

"Before I left, I read a bit about Egypt, but not very intensely. Maybe, I think, that is the better way to do the tourist thing. Observe what there is to offer, and come back and symbolically make sense of it or offer real meaning to it. Egypt offers a one-of-a-kind experience. I think it is better to have a holiday when there are fewer expectations about what will play out and about the places you will visit."

The ambiguity of the name Luckhoff: my thoughts at the Race and Transformation in Higher Education Conference at Stellenbosch University

Moegammad Tahier Kara Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2022-11-25

"While I was sitting in one of the conference sessions, I recalled a discussion we’d had in school 35 years before. It was about the name of the school which I matriculated from. The issue was, who is this person whom Luckhoff, our school, was named after?"