Margie Orford

Full particulars podcast: Nostalgia for the future – writing crime in a time of state capture

David Attwell, Margie Orford Books and writers 2021-08-25

In this episode of his monthly podcast David Attwell talks to Margie Orford about crime writing and her Clare Hart series of crime novels, which ended with the publication of Water Music in 2013.

Margie Orford, author of Daddy’s Girl, in conversation with Janet van Eeden

Margie Orford 2012-01-25 Janet van Eeden picks the krimi brain of South Africa's female krimi writer supreme, Margie Orford

All PEN centres adhere to the PEN charter

Margie Orford 2011-12-08 Margie, as executive vice-president of South African PEN, could you please explain to LitNet readers how you see South African PEN’s relationship with PEN International and Pretoria-PEN respectively?