Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi

Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi was born in Nigeria and is currently a PhD student at Stellenbosch University.

From the archive, SU language debate: My thoughts on complexity and the intersectionality of change at Stellenbosch University

Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi English 2021-03-10

"Am I against learning Afrikaans? No. Am I against white people? No. Am I against forcing others to learn IN Afrikaans? Yes."

US-konvokasie 2016: Courage, Compassion and Complexity - Reflections on the new Matieland and South Africa

Lovelyn Chidinma Nwadeyi Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-01-27

"Ladies and gentlemen, something is brewing in South Africa. I do not know the name of that something, but I know that it is irreversible and will continue to brew and boil over, whether we give it permission to do so or not."