Len Verwey

Iam 35 years old, live in Cape Town, and work in the NGO sector. I have published poems in London Magazine, New Coin, and A Look Away.


Len Verwey 2012-12-18 "Nights I have stood outside my tent, seen
the orange glow far across the dark space ..."

Ecstasy Revolver

Len Verwey 2012-12-18 "I don’t know her well
but clearly she is dangerous."

Self-portrait as a Man of Mystery

Len Verwey 2012-12-18 "Failures in action from the start, as though                                                              
they were deliberate, and at
some point they must’ve become so."

The Real Evidence

Len Verwey 2012-12-18 "No cop cannot be charmed
by the unexplaining unrepentant killer."

In a language that you know

Len Verwey 2008-10-13 I could talk to you morein a late language we both know,sink-scouring double penetration running make-up language,I could believe no matter what you claim,no matter how you change your storyor what you smell of, what places,long closed down, you say ...