Laurel Holmes

Laurel Holmes is a painter and printmaker who has worked as an artist since 2012.

During her postgraduate diploma in fine art at Michaelis School of the Arts in 2021, she began working with porcelain. The aesthetic of nature has been deeply influential throughout her life, and her artistic practice is her way of finding some equilibrium within a space of constant and seemingly more rapid change. 

artwords – on memory and loss

Emma Willemse, Elrie Joubert, Laurel Holmes artwords 2023-10-30

The wildfire that tore across Table Mountain and on to UCT’s campus destroyed not only the physical archive of materials and records, but also aspects of historical memory. The object makes visible and tangible the loss of a library, representing not only UCT’s Jagger Library but also other archives, where materials and objects have been lost forever, and, in this case, where numbers (Dewey Decimal Classification) embody a larger set of meanings.