Kamal Kweku Yakubu

Kamal Kweku Yakubu

Country of Origin: Ghana

Short bio:  I come from a small town called Cape Coast in Ghana, West Africa. The town is famous for its role in African history. Besides being the former capital of the Gold Coast, it was an important centre for the trans-Atlantic slave trade. In my memory, I associate it with mouth-watering smells of freshly fried fish, Abrofosem and unusual humor.

When I am not thinking about Institutions, History and Economics, you will probably find me at the nearest Basketball court trying to get my shots in. I’m good when I am close to the basket, my mid-range game is dependent on my mood and my long-range game still needs a bit of work. By the way, I have never dunked a basketball in my life. These days I can touch the rim so I think there is still some hope!

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Decolonising the curriculum: Darwin’s dangerous idea and economic development

Kamal Kweku Yakubu Universiteitseminaar | University Seminar 2016-05-09

"In the above, the interdependence between me, the writer, and you, the reader; between Kropotkin and Darwin; between Fourie and Ramose; and so between different human populations and the primacy of humane, ethical and equitable relations is thus the only discernible law of nature according to ubuntu and African philosophy."

Open Stellenbosch and the importance of mother tongue education

Kamal Kweku Yakubu Opinion 2015-09-09

"How do you get someone out of the township? The answer to this question of transformation is simple: educate them in their own language!"