JP Jansen van Vuuren

Inspiration can be your friend, but also your worst enemy! I completed high school with the thought of achieving great things. The first English song I have ever written was “Blackout”. I live in a typically small town and have always used my passion for music as my inspiration. I travelled to Los Angeles in 2008 and performed in the World Championships of Performing Arts, where it was destined for me to be creative and contribute to the power of music. There are many genres of music that inspire me, but it is the lyrics that capture hearts and inspire others. I am currently on my way to study at North-West University at Potchefstroom and will definitely be writing more lyrics and other material as well.

Interview with Sing ’it winner JP Janse van Vuuren

JP Jansen van Vuuren, Steyn du Toit 2012-02-16 JP Janse van Vuuren chats to Steyn du Toit about his winning entry for the Sing 'it competition, which was was chosen by Dance, You're on Fire.

"Blackout" by JP Jansen van Vuuren

JP Jansen van Vuuren 2011-11-08 It started in a darkened room.
Full moon, no music just me and you.
Static electricity between us two.
Couldn’t help but fall for you.
Our love was strong.
Stronger than a silly love song.
You said that I was your all.
but now silence decks these halls.