Janka Steenkamp

Janka Steenkamp has always been a lover of books. She started by travelling to the Land of Perpetual Wednesday with Enid Blyton and since then has sleuthed with Nancy Drew, fallen into The Ground Beneath Her Feet and witnessed The Final Act of Mr Shakespeare. She hopes to enjoy countless other journeys on the path of words and is currently embarking on a chapter in her life called “The Search for the PhD Proposal”.

Opgedateer/Updated: 2011-06-22

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Reclaiming the L-Word: Piercing the Solid Silence

Janka Steenkamp Books and writers 2011-12-08

When I was first asked to review Reclaiming the L-Word I viewed the task with a little trepidation. What could I, a straight, middle-class, white woman, bring to the table, reading about struggles that I cannot even conceive of, in contexts completely foreign ...