Imraan Coovadia

Imraan Coovadia is the director of the writing programme at UCT. His most recent books include The poisoners: on South Africa's toxic history, and Revolution and non-violence: Tolstoy, Gandhi, and Mandela.

Darlings of Durban by Shafinaaz Hassim: a book review

Imraan Coovadia Books and writers 2024-03-28

"But it is fantastical, in ways which aren’t entirely positive, to read a contemporary novel which treats the very thin bubble of glamour in the city without asking about the facts lying right within the bubble ..."

Imraan Coovadia responds to Ian Glenn

Imraan Coovadia 2013-01-07 "And all this, right to the edge of racial hatred, to prevent the fair or unfair scrutiny of a book and a writer?"