Gladwin Kekana

"IV League" by Gladwin Kekana

Gladwin Kekana 2013-08-27 Preferred Band/Artist: AKA I got the type of flow, fresher than the Fresh Prince Gone are those days they used to say I'm juvenile I make your heart skip a beat, when I'm another line I don't trip on a beat like my heart don't skip a beat Like Akeelah and the Bee, with my […]

"My flow" by Gladwin Kekana

Gladwin Kekana 2013-08-23 Preferred Band/Artist: AKA This flow is my conspiracy, like it is my contingency Fighting for this legacy, 'cause what you get is what you see Only if you let me be, you can be a friend of me Many flows, hooks and rhymes, call it polygamy Study how they hate on me, call it a […]