Frankie Murrey

Frankie Murrey is the festival co-ordinator for Open Book Cape Town. Before starting in January 2011 she had worked at Wordsworth Books for many years.

Opgedateer/Updated: 2011-11-30

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Open Book Festival 2018: An interview with Frankie Murrey

Naomi Meyer, Frankie Murrey Lifestyle and entertainment 2018-09-06

"The festival has become known for its focus on political and societal topics, and events will include discussions around the 2019 elections, a look at whether our laws hinder or help us, and the future of the media."

Interview: Open Book Festival 2016

Frankie Murrey, Naomi Meyer Books and writers 2016-08-08

"You don't need to have a pile of books next to your bed to enjoy the festival – what you need is a desire to listen and to share."

Interview: Frankie Murrey on the Open Book Festival 2014

Frankie Murrey, Naomi Meyer 2014-08-11 "Really, though, for me success is seeing people coming out of events looking like the world has opened up to them ..."

Frankie Murrey on the new library at Matthew Goniwe Memorial High School

Frankie Murrey, Bibi Slippers 2011-11-23 Hi Frankie. I want to start by congratulating you, both on the success of the Open Book Festival and on the great work you are doing at Matthew Goniwe Memorial High School (MGMH). How did Open Book's involvement at MGMH come about?