Francois Badenhorst

Francois Badenhorst is an aspiring writer and journalist. He grew up in Ireland but is a South African through and through. He holds a BA degree in International Studies and is currently completing his honours in Journalism at the University of Stellenbosch. His passions include rugby, cats, arguing, Future Life cereal and World War 2.

Francois is the current assistant editor of the Department of Journalism’s magazine, SMF. He is also a co-founder of the Agenda, a monthly online magazine.  

The crisis of immoral academics

Francois Badenhorst 2014-01-06 “In Jean-Paul Sartre’s epistolary novel Nausea, the novel’s misanthropic protagonist Roquentin regards the existence around him in the French ville where he lives. Sitting under a chestnut tree, he becomes enraged at the ‘monstrous lumps of gross, absurd being’ that surround him. ‘Filth!’ he shouts. ‘What rotten filth!’”

Here is what’s wrong with Justin Bieber (and us)

Francois Badenhorst 2013-05-15 "Many try to ignore what is broken or repulsive. That is not the answer. The only way to fix the problems we see in celebrity culture – the consumerism, the immorality, the greed – is to change the nature of the conversation."