Evelyn John Holtzhausen

Evelyn John Holtzhausen  is a former journalist, feature writer, columnist and newspaper editor. He has worked as a journalist South Africa, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. He wrote a column, The Urban Edge, for the Cape Times for more than 10 years.  Evelyn co founded HWB Communications (Pty) Ltd in 1997. He was elected President  of the Public Relations Global Network (www.prgn.com ) in April 2016. Evelyn is a certified mountain guide for  Table Mountain National Park (SanParks) a member of the South African Botanical Institute (SNBI) and the Mountain Club of South Africa (Cape Town section) Evelyn's anthology of Poetry, In the Palm of my Soul was published in 1997.

Hail King Bob, Noble of literature

Evelyn John Holtzhausen Opinion 2016-10-21

"That's it if you follow the world according to Dylan, a wandering minstrel with his guitar, harmonica and nasal voice – whose commentaries on the 'human condition', for that's what his songs are, have won him a Nobel Prize."