Elana Bregin

Night in Corona City

Elana Bregin New writing 2020-10-08

"In the beginning, we obeyed whatever they said. Everything we heard about this unknown virus was terrifying. How unstoppable it was. How it could leap from person to person like contagious lightning. How slim the chances were of surviving it. How horrible the death that resulted. The human race had no immunity ..."

"Not wanted on the voyage": a talk at the Midlands Literary Festival, 2019

Elana Bregin Opinion 2019-09-18

"I chose this title, because it seems that many of us, rightly or wrongly, are feeling that way right now, in this authoritarian, power-hungry and exclusionary moment in which we find ourselves – not just in South Africa, but worldwide: that our particular brand or style or voice or presence or set of values is, for one reason or another, 'not wanted on the voyage'."