Dan Wylie

Dan Wylie teaches English at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.  He has published two books on the Zulu leader Shaka (Savage Delight: White Myths of Shaka and Myth  of Iron: Shaka in History, both UKZN Press); a memoir; Dead Leaves: Two Years in the Rhodesian War (UKZN Press); and several volumes of poetry.  Most recently, he has concentrated on Zimbabwean literature and on ecological concerns in literature.  He founded the annual Literature & Ecology Colloquium in 2004, and edited the collection of essays, Toxic Belonging? Identity and Ecology in Southern Africa (Cambridge Scholars Press).  His latest publication is Elephant, in the Reaktion Books animals series.

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Dan Wylie Elders gesien 2021-08-25

"Jill really was a fine writer, lucid and economical, capable of turning you from gentle laughter to tears of tragedy in a few sentences."

"Poems are nets of thought": Dan Wylie on the legacy of Don Maclennan

Elzette Steenkamp, Dan Wylie 2012-09-21 Elzette Steenkamp speaks to Dan Wylie about 'No other world' – essays on the life-work of Don Maclennan.