Christien Terblanche

I was born in 1977 in Gobabis, Namibia. I grew up happily and uneventfully, except for a tumultuous imagination and parents who taught me to question from an early age. I studied English Literature and the North-West University and after doing different things I now work as a full-time Language Practitioner. Writing has beckoned me for a long time, but something held me back. With the help of age, Jung and the insistent and nagging nature of creative impulses I have started to venture.


Christien Terblanche 2014-04-08 Nadia could not tell time yet. It was the stillness of the night that told her that it was already past midnight, to her a magical line between today and tomorrow. She was born at this hour, her mother always said. She was called Nadia because the stillness of the hour brought hope that the morning was approaching.