Where was the thin blue line?

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Colin Morris has seen 32 years of service in the South African Police Service. He retired at the rank of captain. In this video he explains why the public has the right to ask questions about the lack of policing while parts of the country were being looted. Colin also explains why he does not want soldiers in the streets.

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  • Christine Meyer

    Marikana was in about 2012 - we are in 2021. It seems not much has improved in all these years? Rather worsened?
    When will we ever get qualified people in management/ministerial positions? Is this what we as law abiding people deserve?
    These lootings show that there is a big portion of level-headed people in this country. It is shame that we must be satisfied with sub-standard services in our beautiful country.

  • Christine Meyer

    I salute Colin for his unselfish service through all these years! That is the caliber person that should be appointed in key positions.

  • Thanks Christine for your kind words.
    We did it for all the right reasons and for the community. Sadly too many looked at it as a job.

  • Sadly you are correct, Marikana should’ve been a wake-up call to the powers that be, but nothing got done and in fact, it got worse.

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