academic research

Telegram, Signal or WhatsApp? Choosing an appropriate application for creating mobile learning environments in South African higher education contexts

Christa van Staden Academic research 2022-06-23

"Telegram can be regarded as a safer app than WhatsApp, although not as safe as Signal. For the purpose of this study, an app is regarded as safe if the personal information collected is limited and outsiders cannot gain access to the messages."

Looking beyond school violence – the role of integrated healing education in changing school culture

Danie Kloppers, Dirk Postma Academic research 2022-06-21

"The aim of this research was to develop an alternative approach to school violence and education by shifting the focus away from school violence to an integrated healing approach (IHA) based on eight value-driven principles."

The historical development of monasticism in the medieval Latin West, synthesised from the most recent literature

Johann Beukes Academic research 2022-06-15

"This article provides a systematic and coherent overview of the historical development of monasticism in the medieval Latin West (early fifth to the second half of the 15th century) by synthesising the most recent (2001–2021) specialist outputs in all relevant sections."

The evolution of contemporary intelligence and the role of social media intelligence (Socmint)

Ansie Stegen, André Duvenhage Academic research 2022-06-08

Ansie Stegen and André Duvenhage: "Social media provide the intelligence community with a vast quantity of information (Socmint), that could be of importance in safeguarding national security. However, the intelligence community in South Africa is not using this tool to its full potential."

Misplaced benefaction and grievances of the "Liquorice Allsorts family": A law and literature investigation of Zelda Bezuidenhout’s Die waarde van stil bure

Magda Slabbert, Melodie Labuschaigne Academic research 2022-05-26

"The novel touches on the legality and the ethical justification of unauthorised stem cell research and transplant, and also refers to the social milieu during apartheid that shaped the girls’ behaviour over time."

The role of dissenting (minority) judgments in the South African legal system with reference to contempt of court in civil context

Neels Swanepoel Academic research 2022-05-11

"After the first application the Constitutional Court issued a directive to Zuma inviting him to file papers in which he advanced reasons why an order for his committal should not be made in the event that the court found him in contempt. Again, he did not avail himself of this opportunity."

Chaos and anti-structure in European grotesque ornaments of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

Deon Liebenberg Academic research 2022-04-26

"The chimerical nature of grotesque ornaments of the Renaissance and Mannerist periods is investigated here with respect to the way in which the boundaries that normally separate the human, animal, and plant categories are transgressed and dissolved."

The possibilities and limits of intercultural education in and for South Africa

Charl Wolhuter, Hannes van der Walt Academic research 2022-04-25

"In South Africa, the cultural mosaic, the constant threat of political and socio-cultural polarisation, the lack of social capital and social cohesion and the presence of a number of other contextual conditions all point to the need for intercultural dialogue and, in particular, intercultural education."

Israel and the Palestinians: Is there a regime of systemic oppression that constitutes a new apartheid?

Robert Moore Academic research 2022-04-21

"Israel is clearly guilty of discrimination against Palestinians and the granting of special privileges to Jewish people. The term apartheid is used in connection with Israel to draw international attention to the plight of the of the Palestinian people."

Literary prizes: A brief overview and discussion of literary prizes with examples from the Afrikaans literary field

Marni Bonthuys, Ronel Foster Academic research 2022-04-20

"In this article we try to unpack the process and role of awards by exploring the phenomenon as not merely a mechanism to identify “the best literature”. We also aim to illustrate the importance of prizes when it comes to the understanding of the functioning of the literary field and literary gatekeeping today."

The bridging of pedagogical and technological pedagogical knowledge gaps of Afrikaans Home Language teachers

Ria Taylor, Michele van der Merwe Academic research 2022-04-08

"The investigation determines how teachers develop and broaden their own knowledge bases with regard to the integration of learning technology in order to supplement gaps. The role of the teacher as a lifelong learner was therefore also raised in this investigation."

Towards a distinctive Afrikaans ecocriticism: Analysing the poem series "werf" ("yard") in the poetry volume Mede-wete (2014) by Antjie Krog

Susan Smith Academic research 2022-04-04

"How does our local ecocriticism compare with international ecocriticism in terms of literary theory formation and international discourses? Most importantly: What would an Afrikaans ecocriticism look like?"

The epistemic considerations underlying the Neo-Calvinist rejection of the theocratic constituent of article 36 of the Belgic Confession of Faith

J.A. Schlebusch Academic research 2022-03-28

"In the light of the fact that these Neo-Calvinist pioneers so vehemently rejected any dichotomy between the nature of authority in the ecclesiastical sphere on the one hand and the socio-political sphere on the other, I propose a renewed appraisal of their epistemology as fundamentally underlying their rejection of theocracy."

Grade 9 learners’ experiences of formative assessment for language development in Afrikaans Home Language

Natalie Smith, Marguerite Müller, Edwin Darrell de Klerk Academic research 2022-03-22

"Not only does formative assessment provide opportunities for learners’ language development to be improved, but it also serves as a compass that can be utilised by teachers to make important future decisions about assessment."

Compilation of multimodal reflective learner portfolios in the Intermediate and Senior Phases to promote self-directed reading processes

Ronel van Oort Academic research 2022-03-09

"The South African school curriculum does not prescribe a reading dossier, but the Dutch reading dossier model can serve as a guideline for the compilation of an MRL."

Contested statehood: The TBVC states in comparative international perspective

Deon Geldenhuys Academic research 2022-03-07

"Against this background the main aim of the present article is to examine the TBVC entities in the context of other contested states, drawing on theoretical insights developed in recent academic studies."

The industrialisation of mimesis: In dialogue with the thought of René Girard and Bernard Stiegler on automatisation

Johann Rossouw Academic research 2022-03-03

In this article automatisation as an important aspect of artificial intelligence is analysed with reference to the thought of Bernard Stiegler and René Girard, with specific attention to Stiegler’s book La société automatique 1. L’Avenir du travail.

Wonderment despite woundedness. Being encapsulated between a sense of mortality and the germination of immortality ‒ reframing ageing, dying, death and entombment within the spiritual aesthetics of a pneumatic body

Daniël Louw Academic research 2022-02-28

"The theological argument is developed that despite bodily decay, dying and death should be approached from an eschatological perspective of wonderment ‒ a corpse as 'germinable seed'."

Searching for legal certainty in the confusion between abduction, kidnapping and human trafficking

Beatri Kruger Academic research 2022-02-23

"Apart from detailing the distinct differences between abduction, kidnapping and human trafficking, this article brings to light overlapping and connecting relationships between these offences."

From there to where? An overview of the restandardisation debate of Afrikaans

Earl Basson Academic research 2022-02-23

"Including Cape Afrikaans in Afrikaans school textbooks creates the opportunity to present Afrikaans as the sum of its varieties and to establish the varieties as legitimate language systems."