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Press release: Love Life Festival in McGregor from 26 to 28 April 2024

LitNet Feeste 2024-04-12

This one-of-a-kind festival, curated by award-winning internationally acclaimed producer/engineer and LGBTQ+ activist, Christi van der Colff, promises to be a deconstructed celebration aimed at fostering genuine connections through the mediums of music, art, and film.

Press release: Award-winning The king of broken things at the Baxter in May 2024

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-04-11

The king of broken things is a journey into the broken heart of a young boy, a journey of discovery through his experiments, projects, and creations. He teaches us that the rehabilitation of broken things includes people and hearts, and that all things, seen and unseen, can be mended. Whether you’re 8 or 80, The king of broken things will rehabilitate every heart – it’s not just for young audiences.

The impresario at the Artscape Arena: an interview

Naomi Meyer, Elisabeth Manduell Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-04-10

"Opera is always important, no matter where you find yourself."

Press release: Marianne Thamm returns to The Baxter with her latest instalment of conversation and comedy, just before the elections, with Round of Applause Reloaded from 10 to 27 April

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-04-08

Join her, as she takes the audience on an evening of comedy, celebrating the strengths and weaknesses of South Africa’s democracy - just in time - as the country gears up for the 2024 big elections.

Press release: Exhibition opening of Kriptaal by Gideon Nel and Jotam Schoeman | Cape Town, 4–20 April 2024

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-04-02

Kriptaal is an exhibition of paintings, drawings and prints by Gideon Nel and Jotam Schoeman. In this collection of work the artists contemplate the mystery of the cosmic and the particular, each in the style of their own visual language.

World Theatre Day 2024: Paul Kammies responds

Naomi Meyer, Paul Kammies Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-04-02

"Live theatre is a moment to become silent and reflect on life; it’s a moment to peek into something you might not know; it’s a moment to relieve yourself from something that’s causing adversity, or even to confront it creatively."

World Theatre Day 2024: Jeani Heyns responds

Naomi Meyer, Jeani Heyns Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-04-02

"It’s difficult to talk about the status of South African theatre without sounding very cynical,  but it is my opinion that many works that are actually really important and should be seen are often poorly attended and funded and therefore cannot gain traction or travel so that more audiences can see them."

World Theatre Day 2024: Jane Mpholo responds

Naomi Meyer, Jane Mpholo Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-04-02

"Even though it falls under the entertainment industry, theatre provokes discussions, teaches, and can be therapeutic. It takes a big team to get an idea into fruition. It takes a special team to leave an everlasting mark on someone’s life, be it visually or solely the performance aspect. Theatre moves."

KKNK 2024: an insider’s perspective on Lucky Pakkie

Naomi Meyer, Jane Mpholo KKNK 2024-03-28

"I am one of the 12 commissioned artists for the Lucky Pakkie programme. This is a very fun initiative where artists are granted 15 minutes, unconventional space, 30 chairs and two sets of lights … and what they come up with is entirely up to them."

Poor things: a film review

Janet van Eeden Film 2024-03-28

"Mary Shelley’s life story underpins Bella Baxter’s story of emancipation."

World Theatre Day 2024: Ignus Rademeyer responds

Naomi Meyer, Ignus Rademeyer Teater 2024-03-28

"World Theatre Day, especially in South Africa, represents a day on which one can reflect on years of authentic storytelling and breaking barriers in a country blessed with diversity and cultural richness."

Halo: a TV review

Réney Warrington TV 2024-03-26

"Halo has oodles of heart and soul and characters that resonate deeply."

Press release: Joburg Ballet’s exhilarating Scarcity heads for the KKNK

LitNet KKNK 2024-03-25

It’s time for new adventures for Joburg Ballet as the company gears up for its first ever appearance at the KKNK in Oudtshoorn on 27 and 28 March. The stimulating trio of dance works Joburg Ballet is presenting at the KKNK showcases an impressive line-up of choreographers: South Africa’s Dada Masilo, Chinese-German choreographer Hannah Ma and the Netherlands-based Spanish choreographer Jorge Pérez Martínez.

Shorts: A festival of pocket operas – an interview with Conrad Asman, composer of Trial by media

Naomi Meyer, Conrad Asman Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-03-22

Ahead of Shorts: A festival of pocket operas at the Artscape Arena, Naomi Meyer spoke to composer Conrad Asman about his new work, Trial by media, which revolves around the media’s impact on the Oscar Pistorius trial: "Reeva’s voice has often been forgotten during various portrayals of this trial, and it is my hope to rectify this, while highlighting the effects of domestic violence present in this story."

Southern (African) Gothic: Exploring the horror film genre

Alex J Coyne Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-03-19

"Here’s a walk through the corridors of South African horror, from early ’70s thrillers to modern, local zombie films."

Books on the Bay Festival 2024: an interview with Darryl David

Naomi Meyer, Darryl David Books and writers 2024-03-19

"Midway through my second passion fruit and lemonade, I said that a region so rich in literary history deserves a literary festival of its own. To which David [Attwell] replied: 'Why don’t we do it?'"

Press release: The South African premiere of Shakespeare’s Othello at the Baxter from 6 April to 4 May 2024

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-03-18

The South African premiere of Shakespeare’s Othello, adapted and directed by Lara Foot with a stellar cast and creatives, premieres at the Baxter on 6 April 2024. In this South African production, performed in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans, Foot focuses on Othello’s inner life, wanting to add an African perspective, staging the play in several languages and relocates it to the time of German colonialism, to the time of the Herero uprising in German Southwest Africa, to present-day Namibia.

Press release: Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards winners celebrated at the Baxter

LitNet Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-03-18

The winners of the 59th Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards, sponsored by Heineken Beverages, were announced at a glittering ceremony at the Baxter Theatre Centre in Rondebosch, Cape Town. Read the full list of winners here.

KKNK 2024: volledige program

LitNet KKNK 2024-03-18

Die KKNK vind van 23 tot 31 Maart 2024 in Oudtshoorn plaas. Hier is nog inligting vir lesers wat die fees vanjaar wil bywoon.

Q&A with writer and director of Mercy, Zubayr Charles

Izak de Vries, Zubayr Charles Lifestyle and entertainment 2024-03-12

"A common discourse in Islamic and Cape Malay households here in Cape Town is the severe disdain projected onto those who place their parents in old-age homes. My goal with Mercy was to portray the subtle nuances and complexities as to why people make those decisions."