Hot Hallowe'en: Moon

We met on a dating site – her beauty enticed me to open her profile. The two-way matching showed only a 60 percent match, mainly due to our 20 year age difference. I invited her as a friend and was very surprised to see that she accepted me. We started an e-mail friendship, sharing photos, information and desires. She said that she liked the fact that I am still in great shape for my age and still doing things that challenge me physically. We were both divorced and hadn’t dated anyone for some time. She was a bit concerned that my kids were just a few years younger than her.

Eventually she agreed to go on a dinner date with me. It was a Friday evening none of us will ever forget.

On arrival at her place I complimented her on her beauty and the clothes she was wearing and handed her a bunch of her favourite colour roses.

We drove to a restaurant of her choice – nothing fancy, but offering the opportunity to dance too.

As we knew each other very well through all the e-mails, we felt very comfortable in each other’s company.

We enjoyed a glass of dry white wine while waiting for our seafood-platter-for-two. The conversation was easy. The food was delicious as we playfully fed each other

After dinner I asked her for a dance and for the first time my beautiful friend was in my arms. It was a slow, close dance, her beautiful 34Bs against my chest and her cheek on my shoulder, her light perfume and the fragrance of her shampoo filling my nostrils. No words were needed as we enjoyed every second of the closeness. As we waited for the music to start again, she looked up, her gorgeous face inches from mine and I couldn’t resist the temptation to put my lips on hers. Our first kiss, and the first of many. Our lips did not disengage as the music started again and we didn’t care whether we were in a public place. The one dance became three.

“Charles, let us get some fresh air, it is getting hot in here.” I just smiled, took her hand, gave the waiter enough cash for the meal, wine and a nice tip.

We got into my car and I drove out of town, the windows open and the wind through our hair on such a great cloudless summer night with the full moon above. My hand on her thigh and hers on mine … her skirt slowly pushed up with my hand on the silky bare skin, my fingertips teasing her inner thigh as she put her hand on her stiffening new toy. She moved her bums forward on the seat and opened her legs, the moon shining on her shapely thighs as my hand moved higher and higher until I started teasing her through her g-string. Her grip on my erection firmed up.

I slowed down the car and made a U-turn as she unzipped my pants and freed my erection before she started to suck, kiss, lick and suck me ... driving me crazy. “Julie, it is fantastic, but you should rather stop before I overturn the car.”

The trip back to her place was speedy, to say the least.

The front door was hardly closed before we got into a passionate embrace and kissing with a “French flavour”, unashamedly rotating our hips against each other, buttons hastily undone, zips pulled down, clothes on a heap on the lounge carpet, only three pieces of underwear separating us, genitals caressed as I removed her bra. The whole house was still dark, except for a bit of moonlight shining through the windows. I measured the size, shape and symmetry of her lovely breasts with my fingers and lips and my tongue brushed over her hard nipples. On to my knees, her soaked g-string removed, her hands in my hair, pulling my lips on to her enflamed love spot. Her lips parted with my thumb tips, the swollen clit located and licked before my tongue slid into her as she rotated her groin against my face. She started to pant as my tongue moved in and out of her faster and faster till an “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” escaped her mouth as I could feel her contractions around my tongue as she squirted her love juices into my mouth. Aftershocks rippling through her body I as licked her clean.

“O my gosh, it was fantastic, thank you Charles, but I want more please.”

She turned around and I followed her to her room, dropping my underpants on the way.

She dropped to her knees and quickly got her new toy hard again with her soft hands and lips, teasing me with her tongue.

“Julie, are you on the pill?”

“Yes, I like it skin on skin!”

Her room was dark except for the moonlight again.

“Do you like any specific position?”

“I like it doggy style, but you can have me any way you like.”

She got on to the bed on her back, her lovely legs invitingly open with her clean-shaven love spot glistening with her juices. I took a pillow and put it under her bums, elevating her grotto of pleasure for increased g-spot stimulation. As I lowered myself on to her she guided my erection into her wet and wanting love spot, my size stretching her as she had her hands on my bums, pulling me deep into her. Our tongues entwined in her mouth. Slow rhythmic thrusts of penetration … slurping noises as the skin on skin movements continued. I varied the pace and depth of penetration, sensing her body responding to the sensational stimulation ... deep, hard, fast thrusts before she contracted around me, her nails gripping into my bums as she got a healthy semen injection.

The night was still an embryo and we were deeply connected another two times before we had sensual dreams for a few hours.

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